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Promerit Management is an International company with solutions suitable for a global workforce

Full Service HR
Full Service HR
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Full Service HR

Our FULL-SERVICE HR Center performs the essential functions such as HR administration, acquisition, development, controlling and payroll at moderate costs according to Romanian/EU-standards.

Personnel Administration
Professional processing of all required and legally mandated tasks from recruitment to termination, applying current legislation /laws. Interfacing with other relevant internal or external functions (e. g. accounting).


  • Employment contracts
  • Cancellation agreements
  • Terminations
  • Warning letters
  • Leaving certificate/letter of reference
  • and much more...

HR Recruiting
We support our clients in recruiting specialists and company executives. We supply only services requested by our clients, selected from the complete range of applicable tools in our comprehensive portfolio. We are able to support our clients in finding the professionals needed in a complete search program as well.


  • We design ads in print media or on web platforms and place them without additional cost
  • We propose appropriate web platforms and/or print media
  • Direct search
  • We handle applications
  • We pre-select candidates
  • We interview and assess candidates
  • and much more...

Coaching and Consulting
We support your managers in all HR issues and coach them to advanced management proficiency.


  • Guiding and moderating meetings on disciplinary action with individual employees
  • Motivation Meetings
  • Meetings to deliver warnings
  • Dismissal and dissolution conferences
  • Advice on communicating with the Works Council
  • Works Council negotiations
  • and much more..

HR Project Management and Consulting
Tasks and processes beyond routine operations may be handled in special projects, especially in strictly confidential situations or where an unbiased third party may succeed more easily in obtaining a professional solution.


  • Senior part-time
  • Restructuring
  • Downsizing
  • Social Plan according to the Romanian Works Constitution Law and involving the Works Council
  • Job Descriptions
  • Employee Evaluation Systems
  • Bonus Systems (based on Individual Performance)
  • Remuneration, Company Benefits

Application Training/Outplacement
We support persons seeking new positions and we support companies in/with outplacement activities.


  • Professional application files
  • Interview Training
  • Career counseling
  • Assessment of applicants
  • SWOT analysis (strength, weaknesses, opportunities, threats)
  • and much more...

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